Safety augmentation system for UAVs

Guarantees the safety of the UAS and its operation enabling you to perform autonomous Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations over urban zones and in non-segregated airspace.

PrimeCor Systems is a technology authorised for the use of UAVs in high-risk advanced operations, in compliance with the new European legislation on the use of civil drones.

PrimeCor Systems include hardware technology, Plug-and-Play firmware, Safety-as-a-Service software and cloud solutions.

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Safety as a service

Compatible with any drone technology, regardless of its configuration, weight/size and the mission to be performed.

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Monitor the UAS.

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Detect errors or failures generated in the system.

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Generate alert signals and mitigation and contingency actions.

The mission under control

PrimeCor is a Plug-and-Play solution designed to guarantee optimal performance of the vehicles, while complying with high-integrity requirements:

PrimeCor complies with the regulations.

We are members of EUROCAE and AME (Alliance for New Mobility Europe). Therefore, we know the regulations for UAVs: all our solutions comply with EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) regulations.

We comply with: DRI Standard (prEN 4709-002); Moc2510; SC Light-UAS.2511; Moc2512.

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PrimeCor monitors aircraft flight control systems and critical systems.

Propulsion system, electrical system and communication system.

PrimeCor monitoriza la operación.

Thanks to its geofencing technology, PrimeCor ensures that the UAV moves in a controlled manner without leaving its permitted zone, thus preventing collisions with other aircraft which may even be manned.

PrimeCor es plug-and-play.

Easy to set up and with safe UX during flight.

PrimeCor is compatible with any UAV.

Fast, flexible and agnostic integration into the aerial vehicle. Fits all flight control/autopilot systems, regardless of size, configuration or mission.

PrimeCor means safety.

Reliability of the system, simulation and ratification of the operations plan.

These customers are already flying safely thanks to PrimeCor


Keep your drone safe and minimise the cost, time and effort of integration, complying with the aerospace quality and safety regulations and standards that permit you to fly.


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